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Innovation can is often a focal point in healthcare. We’re awash in conferences, organizations proclaiming innovation as a core value, newly minted chief innovation officers, prizes for new, original [Read More]

Anesthesiology is on the CMS Office of Inspector General for the second year in a row. Following 2014, the 2015 Work Plan released in late October, 2014, notes that audits and data from anesthesia pro [Read More]

Anesthesiology was long thought of as a specialty limited to the operating room. But a revolution is underway as the industrywide push to provide higher quality care at lower costs forces anesthesia p [Read More]

The Department of Health and Human Services released a draft five-year plan for encouraging healthcare providers to adopt new technology. Strategies outlined in the draft include reforming payment sys [Read More]

Most people outside of the healthcare industry are unaware that the Affordable Care Act has nothing to do with the move on the part of the United States government to bring medical or health records i [Read More]

Nearly every anesthesia provider uses joint ownership to hold title to some of their assets – whether it is their home, bank accounts, investment accounts or even business interests.  Nonetheless, joi [Read More]

Lists of things to watch for in the ambulatory surgery center industry are ubiquitous. Over the last two decades the kinds of surgeries and the number of them done in the ambulatory surgery sector gro [Read More]

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