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The past few decades have seen a lot of changes in billing for anesthesiology. Among the changes are advancements in software like front-end claims scrubbing, front-end meaning prior to AR. Claims scr [Read More]

Having a anesthesia risk management program in place for your practice will protect you as well as your patients. If you don’t already have a program in place, or if your existing program isn’t quite [Read More]

How is your bedside manner affecting your business? It could be having much more of an impact than you think. How your patients feel about you can determine the speed with which they will pay their bi [Read More]

Calculating the true cost of accounts receivable for medical providers is an abstruse and challenging task. In fact, on a DIY basis, the real cost of A/R is almost impossible to figure. In 2009, the H [Read More]

Everything we work at has the capacity for improvement. This is why technology improves; “good enough” should never be acceptable. In the ASC industry, this is especially true for the mature ambulator [Read More]

During 2013, mergers, acquisitions, and sales of ambulatory surgical centers (ASC) were energetic. Reports are that more than half of respondents to the “2014 ASC Valuation Survey” (done by HealthCare [Read More]

Biomedical ethics is an important topic within the realm of anesthesiology. Understanding each of the four principles of biomedical ethics can help ensure that all anesthesiologists take health-consci [Read More]

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