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Revenue cycle management, RCM services, billing solutions… whatever you choose to call it, medical billing services today takes on a whole new meaning.  The healthcare industry is transforming rapidly.  Keeping up with demands, maintaining compliance, and maximizing revenue all at the same time is an immense undertaking.

With roots in the medical billing industry that go back over 50 years, abeo’s billing services tackle the many challenges you face in today’s complex healthcare environment.  We fulfill all the back office functions such as coding and entering claims, claims submissions, denial management, payor and patient follow up and more.

Claims submission workflow must be optimized for each step and person involved in the billing services process. abeo trains and defines standards each staff member must meet in order to ensure you are receiving the best service and results. Our staffs attention to detail and acceptance of nothing less than an accurate means claims go out clean and timely.

Proper reimbursement these days requires dedication and attention to detail. Payors constantly change rules, deny, ignore or underpay claims. abeo actively manages accounts, tracking and collaborating with payors to correct errors, investigate delays and resolve denials. Our team streamlines the billing services process and provide detailed reporting so you can have full transparency of your business operations.

Even when claims are submitted with 100% accuracy, problems will occur.  Follow-up is costly, time-consuming and it’s difficult to gain efficiency. abeo is poised and ready to go when this situation occurs.  We’ve developed close relationships with payors across the country.  We actively review outstanding balances and take proactive measures to follow up with patients and payors.  We believe our methods for follow up are unique and result in generating more revenue at each point of contact made with a payor or patient. We have invested extensive training and company resources into optimizing this area of the billing services process and we’re very proud of the accomplishments we’ve made with our clients.

 provides a fully integrated solution to deliver front to back office integration. Our MedSuite billing software is designed to work specifically for your needs. Beyond standard revenue cycle management services, abeo provides business solutions including; comprehensive data analytics and reporting, managed care contracting, business assessments, and anesthesia and ASC-specific consulting to maximize every opportunity for cutting costs and maximizing profits.


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